Ensuring the safety of our customers, regardless of the level

Our goal at the Ebbett Group is to not only give you peace of mind while purchasing a vehicle from one of our dealerships, but to also ensure that we can do it safely.

A contactless experience

We have seen our nation go through some dramatic changes over the last few months which has led to a lot of businesses having to rethink how they engage with customers. During level 3, we introduced a contactless experience throughout each of our departments and moving forward, whether you are looking to test drive a vehicle or have your vehicle serviced, our contactless experience will still be available at any of our dealerships. Just let our team know prior to your appointment if you would like this service.

Maintaining a high level of sanitisation

All high-touch areas of our vehicles will continue to be sanitised before customer use. Our teams have built some really great habits during level 3 and we plan on continuing with these routines to ensure customer safety.

A virtual experience

We had a lot of fun engaging with our customers via video chat during level 3. If you would like an introduction to one of our vehicles from the comfort of your home, get in touch with your local Ebbett dealership to book a virtual experience today.

Our online experience

Our websites have been built with customer experience in mind and a lot of our services can be arranged online. Whether you are looking to book a service or test drive, learn more about our finance options, have your vehicle valued, or view our latest promotions and offers – check out your local Ebbett dealership’s website.

Unsure of anything? Let us know

We are doing our best to make the car buying journey as easy for you as possible. If there is any information that you cannot find, or something that you would like to ask us, get in touch with our friendly teams today.

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